Flavoured cream

by Tina Das


She had spent hours looking for the right pair of panties in the open shops at Lajpat Nagar. The bras, mounted one on top of the other, with all sorts of laces and cup sizes and shapes, were an erotic dream in themselves. She just couldn’t figure out which colour to buy- the baby pink one with laces and tiny bows on each strap or the red one which would clearly only cover halves of her breasts. Just the thought of them on her made her feel horny. It had always been so- this absolute love of beautiful lingerie. She hated the cotton bras thrust on her as a young teenager-cotton, white, no-nonsense and ugly.

“Ouch”, she screamed in bewildered anger as someone stepped on her foot. She turned around to find herself face to face with a guy looking extremely apologetic. She looked at him, and well, frankly, he was quite good looking. Well, at least good looking guys stomp on my foot if nothing else, she thought .And just as she thought nothing was worse, a drop of his ice cream fell on her hurt toe. She was furious now. OK, even handsome guys can get irritating. She opened her mouth to scream but, to her utter surprise, he bent down and started wiping off the cream with a tissue.

She stood and stared as he slowly wiped it with a slight pressure of his thumb, sending dangerous spirals to her brain. OK, she thought, shit! Foot fetish.

He looked up with a smile that said it all- he knew just what he was doing and enjoying it too. It was utterly unreal- feeling like this in the middle of a crowded Delhi market. A rotund aunty ji nudged her and she returned to her senses with a jolt.

He had stood up and was still holding the napkin. “Do you want an ice cream?” he asked. “Anyway, I am going to get another one”. She agreed and they started towards the ice cream parlor. She watched him carefully- he was tall, almost as tall as she was and that was saying something. There weren’t many men who, surprisingly enough, were tall, near her. He turned back and caught her staring at him. She turned red and looked away. A smile and “what do you want to eat?” is all he asked. “Banana split “, she said.

He got one and they sat down. The tables were tiny and, since both of them were tall, their legs touched one another, as did their elbows. She began eating and noticed he hadn’t got any for himself, “Aren’t you eating anything?”

“Oh, I will. Something much tastier than ice cream. A bit later”

She froze, spoon suspended in mid air. Was it just her or were the words insanely suggestive? He looked back steadily and said, “Yes, I want you. I know this might sound creepy, but well, honestly, I do.”

She swallowed with difficulty. She should be angry with this stranger saying things like this. But she wasn’t. In fact, she felt her body responding, the slight wetness in the region between her legs making it pretty obvious.  She, however, said quite the opposite, “Who exactly do you think I am?” “A very attractive woman who is making my pants uncomfortable”, he said.

Well, that was it, she thought. She decided she should get up, but in trying to do so, he put out an arm to restrain her, and in that constrained space, his hand accidentally brushed against her left breast. She stopped, and made a decision. “OK. Fine. You want me, right? Let’s go”.

He stood up immediately and held her hand whispering, “Oh, you just made my day”.

They took an auto to his place. All she could really think of was, how crazy is this? But well, I am not a virgin nor with qualms about pre-marital sex. So, why not?

They reached soon enough. He opened the door to his flat and held the door open for her. As he locked them in, he took her by the wrist and pulled her close, kissing her. She stood still, unresponsive for about a second and then kissed him back with that primal instinct that tells you that you like someone, almost instinctively. Her vagina began throbbing, and let out its response in almost torrential bouts, soaking her fancy panties, as she felt him harden against her. He then stopped abruptly and started pulling her top over her head while she fumbled with the buttons of his shirt. Her lacy bra peeped out, holding her breasts in almost a flower encased offering. He stood back to look at them, whispering “delicious” and with a decisive snap opened it to reveal her breasts, nipples hardened like the tiny berries sold at roadside. He plunged his mouth onto them while she held his head. He bit a nipple slowly while his hand rubbed the other. He constantly squeezed her breasts, eliciting moans of pleasure. He was good- her mind dimly registered the thought as she realised that he was unbuttoning her jeans. He slipped it down and put his mouth at the centre of her wetness. This was just too much for her. He played around with his tongue expertly as she let out guttural sounds of pleasure. He looked up at her and, with his mouth full of her cum, said, “Didn’t I tell you I am going to have something much better than ice cream?”

She could only look on as he went back to putting his expert tongue and devastate her. Soon enough, she exploded in psychedelic colours and in streams, which he promptly lapped up. She was now desperate to touch him, to make him crazy. And she kneeled down, unzipped his jeans and tore his underwear in an attempt to put her mouth around six inches of pulsating flesh. She immediately took his entire length in her mouth, leading him to gasp in surprise. But that only jostled her to action as she worked at like her favourite flavour of lollipop, saliva streaming down the sides of her mouth. As she deep throated him, he held her head and pushed his penis in, deep, almost and yet not gagging her. She, who had never ventured to ever give a blow job, was thrilled and wanted more. He stopped her and made her stand up saying, “I need to save myself to go inside you too.” So saying he lifted one of her leg, wrapped it around him and put his penis inside her. She accommodated it inside her and held on to him as he banged away, in a tempo, thrusting deep inside. It went on for sometime before he turned her around and held her butt, entering her pussy from the back, causing her to scratch the wall in pleasure. He soon increased his rhythm, indicating that he was close to ejaculation and he did, as he pulled it out of her at the last moment.

She turned around, as he held her and kissed her again, whispering, “You are the one flavour I would not get tired of, if you let me”.

She nodded yes, yes, yes, as she again led his head to her breasts.


Image source: http://www.favim.com


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